TLD Quiz

How well do you know your top-level domains (TLDs)?

Sure, you know .com and .net. It's not your first time on the Web.

You might even know .io and .so. But what about .blue or, like, .usa?

Answer me this, which of these TLDs is the real one?


My friend, a notorious domain hoarder, assured me that he knew most of the TLDs and definitely wouldn't fail at any kind of TLD quiz (not that you'll make one).

N.b. he failed this quiz.


There are 1487 TLDs as of April 2022. I removed 153 non-ASCII TLDs that start with XN-- and then used two methods to generate fake but realistic-looking TLDs:

  • A Markov chain generator based on real TLDs (it would have been quicker to use random letters).
  • A list of the most common English words (that aren't already TLDs).

These scripts, and this Next.js website, is open source.